About Pacific Care

About PACIFIC CARE Physiotherapy: 

Pacific Care Physiotherapy is the brain-child of Dr Anand Sharma with the vision to Provide excellent Physiotherapy care to our patient through our faith in values, integrity, respect, teamwork, & innovation to achieve complete patient satisfaction. Who firmly believed that “RESULTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”.
PACIFIC CARE Physiotherapy offers a holistic as well as integrative approach for evidence based assessment and management of orthopedic, musculoskeletal, sports injuries, neuromuscular, cardiac conditions & pediatric conditions. 
We offer Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Special education and psychological services to our clients. We provide complete care for all types of clients who needs multidisciplinary approach. 
Our clinic offers highly advanced care and each patient benefits from a detailed evaluation/assessment and individualized treatment plan with the use of latest equipments, technology and manual therapy. The ultimate goal is to make each patient functioning better at home, work, & other social settings.
Teaching patients about their conditions and what to do to minimize their symptoms and maximize their function is an important part of each patient’s rehabilitation program. Our clinic is operated by a registered super specialized physiotherapist and we only employ trained registered professionals.